Younha – Houkiboshi [Bleach 3rd ED]; ユンナ – ほうき星 [ブリーチ 3rd ED]

Let’s face it – most of us who know this artist found out about her from her Bleach ED. No matter – she’s got an excellent musical and her Go! Younha album is well worth getting if you like piano rock. Assuming you can find it for a reasonable price, of course – I know I paid through the nose for mine.

Enough talk, more translation. Done straight from the liner notes for accuracy, but the last stanza is a little open to interpretation because it makes less sense literally than it does when translated in spirit.

ユンナ – ほうき星 [ブリーチ 3rd ED]

夜空を見上げ一人 ほうき星を見たの
一瞬ではじけては 消えてしまったけど
あなたのこと想うと 胸が痛くなるの
今すぐ会いたいよ だけど空は飛べないから

もしあたしが ほうき星になれたならば
空駆け抜け 飛んで行く
どんな明日が来ても この想いは強い
だからほうき星ずっと 壊れないよ

雨が降って嫌だと ぼやいていた時に
あなたが言ったこと 今でも覚えてる
雨の後の夜空は 綺麗に星が出る
それを考えると 雨も好きになれるよねと

もしあたしが ほうき星になれたならば
溢れる光降らすよ いつも
悲しい時 夜空見るあなたが
笑顔になるように もっと輝きたい

あなたはいつも一人 なにかと戦ってる
傍にいることしか あたしにはできないけど

もしあたしが ほうき星になれたならば
空駆け抜け飛んで行く きっと
必ず届く この一瞬の光で
あなたのイマ照らし 空を巡ろう
あたしが ほうき星になれたならば
きっと傍にいてあげる どんな時も

Younha – Comet [Bleach 3rd ED]

Looking up at the night sky, alone; I saw a comet
It appeared for an instant, but vanished right away
Whenever I think of you, my heart begins to ache
I’d like to see you right this instant, but I can’t fly through the sky

If I could become a comet
I’d leap through the sky
No matter what tomorrow brings, this feeling is strong
That’s why this comet will never break

Whenever I complain about how I hate the rain
I remember what you told me
Beautiful stars light up the night sky after the rain
With that in mind, I could come to like the rain

If I could become a comet
I would spill my overflowing light; always
Whenever you look to the night sky, whenever you’re sad
I want to shine brighter, to make you smile

You always seem to be fighting something alone
I can’t do anything apart from being by your side

If I could become a comet
I’d leap through the sky; for sure
This instant of light would reach you; for sure
Soaring through the sky and lighting up your path
If I could become a comet
I’d be be your side, for sure; no matter when

July 14th, 2007 | Anime ED, Bleach, Younha

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